Beyond the Resolution: Setting Your Business Up for Success

Here we are again, the start of a new year — an opportunity for more success and less stress. What will make this year different? What will make this year the year?

Set goals rather than make resolutions. Resolutions are great, but goals will get you there.

Picasso quote Beyond the Resolution Setting 2020 up for success

Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term satisfaction, and that is what you need as an entrepreneur. You need to have a clear vision of where you are going and a plan on how to get there. This includes looking back on 2019 to see what worked, what didn’t, what energized you, and what sapped your energy. Let this insight inform your 2020 vision and let your vision inform your goals.

So as you wind down one year and greet the next, take time to PAUSE, REFLECT, and RESET.


Sit quietly and let yourself feel. Business can be busy and it’s easy to run from one task to the next without being aware of how you are feeling. Pause and step back so you can gain perspective.


From this calm vantage point observe what is working, what’s not, what is making you happy, and what makes you miserable.


Using this insight you now have set goals to change what is not working and develop a vision for where you are going.

Carnegie quote Beyond the Resolution Setting 2020 up for success

When we take this time to check in, we can make informed decisions and create a plan that will lead us to our vision. Sticking to a plan can be challenging, but not impossible!

You will experience periods of excitement and energy and times when you want to give up.

Having a flexible mindset, a few contingency plans, and a supportive community will help you make your dream a reality.