When Is It Time to Accelerate in Your Business?

People talk about growing their businesses year-round. But when is it the RIGHT time to accelerate in YOUR business? What if I said now?

I totally believe in the tortoise and the hare and that the slow and steady tortoise wins the race.

Let’s switch things up a bit and make this really apply to business. Imagine a sea turtle—in place of the tortoise—and how beautiful and graceful sea turtles are… They speed up or accelerate when necessary and slow down and take it slowly when the time is right.

The same happens in business. There are times to accelerate. This time of year, going into the 4th quarter, is one of those times.

Imagine navigating the business year like you are driving a stick shift.  The first and second quarters are like first and second gear, slowly getting going—the third quarter is third gear—gliding along, then you get to the fourth quarter and it is time to accelerate and go into fourth and then fifth and finish the year strong.

Both metaphors are great representations of when it is time to accelerate. By the 4th quarter, you have a sense of how the year could finish out and you could speed up and pull out all the stops to meet or exceed your goals. If you have had a great year already as you go into the 4th quarter and you are on target to meet your goals, you can decide whether to coast through to the end of the year and just meet your goals or set newer more expansive ones and work toward those.

What if I challenged you to keep that momentum going and accelerate? What will that mean for you and your business?