Execution and Being Accountable: Two of the Hardest Things for Solopreneurs to Do

Why are execution and being accountable so difficult?

Getting out of what I call the “founder’s bubble” can be the hardest thing for a solopreneur. It is scary to go from the comfort of the ideation stage and the development stage to getting out there and seeing if what you have developed lands with your ideal customer.

Fear is a huge factor in wanting to stay in the comfort zone of the “founder’s bubble.”

Having the courage to step out and test what you have developed is crucial. It requires boldness. It requires facing your fears. You might fail. That is ok because you know what isn’t working and what you will have to fix. It is a starting point.

Once you have started testing and refining your product or service, it is key to keep going. You will need to hold yourself accountable so that you can maintain that forward motion. Once you have a proven concept and you are ready to go full steam ahead and follow your sales and marketing strategy, you will have to continue to be accountable, so that once again, you keep that forward motion, and you reach your sales goals, and you can continue to gain momentum.

Getting to something and then continuing to do it—execution and staying accountable—are key to growing your business.

Do you have the courage to face your fears and continue to face them? That is what will be required to continue that forward momentum and gain traction in your business.

Does it feel better to know that you are not alone and what all solopreneurs go through at some point? I hope so.

execution and being accountable are key to growing your business