How to Build a Business You Love

Practical Advice for the Emerging Entrepreneur

Experts will tell you how to build a business that makes money, but most don’t tell you how to build a business you love.

It can be extremely exciting to charge into action because you have a great idea. You want to get busy and feel like you are doing something. I am going to ask you to pause and reflect for a minute and think about a few things that will help you feel happy about being a business owner.

Make new friends

This is especially true if you are leaving your nine-to-five because your old co-workers won’t understand the new journey you are on. Finding new friends and networking groups are an essential part of long-term success. There are many online options that have the benefit of easy access, but make sure you have in-person friends as well. They will help minimize the isolation that comes with working at home instead of at an office.

Take time to do what makes your soul happy

Take time to get clear on what you love and hate

Think about what you love doing and what you hate, what you are good at and what you never want to do again. This can feel foreign because in the workforce you aren’t given a choice — you do what you are told — whether you are good at it or not. Now you have the choice. But only if you take the time to make it. Take the good, leave the bad.

Plan to deal with the crisis of confidence

Because it’s coming. It hits all of us, no matter how successful we are. It’s that dark little voice in our head that wonders who you think you are to do this. Is so normal it has a name, Imposter Syndrome. 

It’s okay to be anxious, worried, and uncertain as you make this big life change. Networking with people who have the same kinds of concerns can ease your self-doubt.

Building a business is hard work. Building a business with intention that serves you as well as your bank account, will make the hard times more bearable.

Dont' be pushed around by fearsHow to Build a Business You Love