Step-By-Step Guide To Discover Your Passion and Create a Business That Fulfills You

Sandra Hughes, mentor and business strategist at Life Reinvented®, has released her first book, Reinventing Your Life: Your Guide to Finding Fulfillment in Starting Your Business. Hughes, with 30 years of business-building experience from corporate to entrepreneur and advisor to non-tech start-ups, created this guide to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools that larger companies use to create successful companies. She currently leads a community of more than 1,500 aspiring entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay area.

“I provide new and aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools to turn their big visions into profitable businesses,” says Hughes. “New business owners often don’t know where to start or are unsure what to do next. I want to inspire confidence, reduce stress, help them be profitable while avoiding false or risky starts.”

“The book in not a plea to reinvent your life. It is a guide to help you to step into your vision and recognize your potential as an entrepreneur,” concludes Hughes in describing the book’s genesis. A companion workbook is currently in production to extend the learning in Reinventing Your Life.

The book is available at Hughes also hosts workshops, meet-ups, and online group programs with business-building content. Her website is

About Sandra Hughes:

Sandra Hughes is the Founder of Integrated Lives, LLC d/b/a Life Reinvented, giving established and early-stage entrepreneurs the tools to turn their visions into profitable businesses with confidence and ease. She is an author, course and program creator, plus an investor and advisor to several non-tech startups.

Hughes has an MBA from Santa Clara University with a concentration in Leading People and Organizations, and she received her BA in Political Science from Wellesley College.

Hughes has comprehensive retail experience, spending 12 years at Gap both domestically and in the United Kingdom in the real estate department; as Property Director for Gap in the UK, she was a key member of the executive team that formulated and then executed the breakout store expansion strategy for the brand, including putting the Gap store in Piccadilly Circus, where it stayed for over 20 years, appearing in every tourist picture, TV series, movie and postcard, giving Gap unparalleled marketing exposure.