Three Things That Hijack Your Focus and What You Can Do About It

Rabbit holes. Rabbit holes everywhere.

As a business owner there will always be a million and one things on your to-do list. That list is going to require focus.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” Jim Rohn

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Here are three focus killers you want to watch out for:

#1 Task VS. Big Picture

Jumping from one task to another without being mindful of where you are going is a sure way to become overwhelmed and anxious. You will be doing all the things — but getting nowhere. Take time to look ahead to see if these daily tasks are even leading you to where you want to be. Frequently check your task list against your overall plan. Do they match? Can you see where one is leading to the other?

Being a business owner requires a dual focus for tasks and strategy that are always competing for your attention and time.

#2 Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a great way to avoid the tasks you don’t want to do and to cope with the anxiety that comes with running a business. Networking with people who have the same concerns can ease your worries and help you gain perspective. Chances are the thing you are working on is much better than you are giving yourself credit for — a good network will make sure you know that.

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#3 Business or Hobby

Do you want to launch a new business or dabble in something that strikes your fancy? 

Knowing what you are doing keeps you aligned with the outcome you want. Are you ready or the dedication required to run a business? Or do you want to be doing something you love in a more relaxed fashion? Either is okay, but be clear on what you want so you know how and where to focus your energy.

Remember, no one has total focus all the time. Some days you’ll rock it and some days you will burn through all three seasons of “Stranger Things.” Having a mentor and supportive network that understands what you are facing and helps you stay on track, is essential.