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Key Excerpts: Sandra Hughes’ Interview on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

And what I ended up finding was that what I could offer in terms of being a business coach for women entrepreneurs really was after somebody had been in business for a while wasn’t gaining traction or was a business for quite a while and decided that they wanted to pivot to grow and scale because I really help solopreneurs figure out who their ideal client is and find that product-market fit because it’s 99% of the reason why they’re not getting traction.

And when they pivot in their careers, they want to be able to figure that out quickly so that they can grow and scale quickly.

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You have to get your foot in the door before you try to offer your product or service. There has to be some kind of resonance, there has to be some kind of thing that, that you convey to a potential client, where they resonate with you and they want to work with you.

Or at least they want to have a conversation with you and you get your foot in the door and then you can offer that great product or service. And that’s fine, but you have to get your foot in the door first. So how do you position yourself?

What’s your differentiator? What’s your superpower?

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And it’s so powerful when we recognize our value, we understand our unique value proposition and we look at who I’m going back to being an entrepreneur.

Cause that’s really those are really the people that I work with when you are standing in your value and you’re exuding, your values and your vision from that place then, and you go through the process of looking at who your ideal client is, and tying in their values, what they would be looking for when they’re looking for products and service, and really making sure that your messaging is really going to attract those people that resonate with your values and your vision and your service, it just makes things so much easier.

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