Self-Care as an Entrepreneur: Why It’s So Important

Who takes care of you while you are busy taking care of business? 

We think about hiring attorneys and tax pros to help our business, but how often do we think about hiring a fitness coach or nutritionist? A healthy business needs a healthy person running it. Build a team of wellness professionals and people who can support your spiritual and emotional well-being.

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Don’t be afraid to ask your team for help before you feel overwhelmed or things get out of control. Healthy businesses have owners who proactively seek help and prepare for difficulties rather than being reactive and having to constantly run around putting out fires.

Make sure you have hobbies you enjoy and are scheduling time to do them. Healthy business owners have balance between work and play and don’t sacrifice their personal and family time for the sake of the bottom line.

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Surround yourself with people who understand your life as an entrepreneur. Not everyone understands the unique complexities that come along with entrepreneurship and can be dismissive or even resentful. Balance is important here too, you want to find a mix of people who are at a different stage of development than you — people who are a little behind you in the process and people who are a little ahead. This creates a culture of helpful learning where not one person or group is carrying the rest. 

Who do you have on your wellness team? Who do you need to add? I’d love to hear from you because you might have something the rest of us are missing. Drop your answers in the comments.

self-care as an entrepreneur