Selling Made Easier for Solopreneurs

Have you ever wondered how some people can bowl strike after strike?

While I’m not a professional bowler, I can tell you knocking down 10 pins at once is all about alignment.

Did you line up your approach and aim properly, add power to your step, follow through and release the ball correctly? When everything lines up, you throw strike balls. When everything lines up in your business, you strike more wins.

Get in the Right Frame of Mind

For solopreneurs, alignment starts with your superpower and follows through to the product or service you offer and the clients you serve. Just like bowlers begin by selecting their perfect ball, solopreneurs weigh their values, strengths and talents to discover their gravitas or superpower. Imagine how much easier selling will be when you stand in your superpower, focus on the right pins and connect with your ideal clients, all because you’re in alignment.

I invite you to contact me at about alignment. Let’s talk about confirming your product/market fit and ideal client to boost your sales and traction.