Successful Solopreneurs Lead With Their Values

Remember how it feels to watch a play in an intimate space like a theatre in the round?

You’re so close to the action you can’t help but connect on a deeply emotional level. You see actors from every angle and their stories resonate with you. Likewise, potential clients feel more drawn to solopreneurs who take command of their own stage; 360-degree leaders who stand in their superpower and lead with their values.

What Does It Mean to Lead with Your Values?

It means you show up as a leader in every aspect of your business and personal life. You don’t distinguish between your “at work” or “at home” self. You’re not afraid to share with the world who you really are, what you value in life and why. For example, my core values are integrity, courage, commitment, empathy and love. Every day, I get to live these values as I help solopreneurs get to the heart of what it takes to create the business of their dreams.

When you lead with your values, people see and appreciate you. They connect with you on a human level like an audience in a theatre. When you unabashedly share your authentic self, you build stronger  relationships and trust that can lead to creating greater value in your business.