What Would You Do If There Were No Limits? Dare To Dream

Do you dare to dream? I do. I always have. I have been thinking a lot about dreams recently. The reason I am asking you is that I’ve been guilty of setting aside my dreams because there was always something else that needed “doing.” I think we all have a tendency to do that. We are so busy, caught up in day-to-day living like work, taking care of our loved ones, maintaining relationships, being involved in our communities . . . the list goes on.

It is easy to get caught up in the “what is” and lose sight of “what could be,” especially if your dream, or one of your dreams, is to up-level your business or shift direction or start a business. There might be a critical voice in your head telling you that it’s not possible. You may fear your friends or loved ones will laugh. It feels too early to talk about it, or you think you need to draw up an elaborate plan before you share it with anyone. There are so many reasons for not giving your dream a voice.

Give your dream a voice

Sharing your dream, giving it a voice, is the first step toward making it happen. I shared this Erma Bombeck quote recently:

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.

It does take courage. But once you have done it, it is liberating! You’ve voiced what is important to you. You have invited dialogue about your idea. There will be people who don’t understand, like, or appreciate your idea. Others will bring you good suggestions and recommendations about how to move forward. There are all kinds of responses possible, but it’s your dream. It will be up to you to sift through and proceed with those ideas that resonate. Most important, you will have taken the first big step of realizing your dream, just by sharing it with the world.

Use the input

Knowledge is power. Right now, you don’t know what you don’t know. You don’t know if it’s a good idea until you gather feedback from others. Once you get it out of your head, you can learn more about the risks. You may want to get a wide variety of opinions, using a survey, to get useful input. A survey, coupled with the input of your closest advisors, can help to inform what the next steps should be.

I encourage you to be courageous and share your biggest dream. You will be surprised how that one step can make all the difference.