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Why Setting Intentions Is Important for Your Next Chapter

Do you set intentions? Identify those things (purpose, goals, vision, boundaries) that you “plan or mean to do or put in place?” That “planning meaning to do or put into place” is setting the intention and is an important prior step to undertaking an action.

Why is that you ask?

Because once you have gotten to the point of setting the intention, you have made an agreement with yourself that that thing you have set the intention around is important enough to carry through on; from that intentional place, action will follow.

You have experienced a powerful mindset shift. No matter what you want to do, you won’t do it unless you are in the mindset to do so.

Let me use setting boundaries as an example.

No matter what a client brings to me as the reason for our working together, one of the things that we touch on 99% of the time is some form of setting boundaries.

The most predominant area that most people want to set boundaries around is their time.

In setting boundaries around your time, one of the things that often works is scheduling white space into each day.

It sounds like a simple solution, but it really isn’t unless there is an acknowledgment that something really must be done to alleviate unsustainable back-to-back scheduling or whatever the specific time management/calendar issue is.

That is where setting the intention comes in. One must experience a mindset shift to not only want to make a change, but to also follow through.  Setting the intention is part of that mindset shift. Once the intention is set, it will then be easier to implement the change.

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