Your Next Chapter: Do you have structure around your goal setting? What about setting SMART GOALS?

As we go into the last quarter of 2022 and approach 2023, it is that time of year when goal setting is in the forefront of our minds.

Do you have structure around your goal setting? If not, here’s a suggestion of an organizing principle to use.

When you are setting your goals, whether it is what you want to achieve in your life and career or your life and your business, what about using the SMART goal setting system?

SMART goals help you focus, organize, and map out each goal.

The following is a quick simple review of what SMART means and how it will help with goal setting:

S= you have set a specific clearly stated objectiveM=it is measurable, and you have indicated the metrics as you set the objective

A=it is achievable

R=it is relevant and realistic

T=it is time-bound, and you have set those time limits on achieving the objective

This system will set you on the path of setting achievable goals at the outset, making the process of executing, reviewing, pivoting, and revising them much more possible.

This is a starting point for your goal setting process. It is always useful to have some organizing structure, so I hope this one will help you. I wish you well!