Your Next Chapter: Try to Simplify

When you are considering what you will do next—whether it is up leveling in your current career or business or pivoting and changing your job or business completely—have you considered simplifying your approach?

What does simplifying look like? I believe that it requires some slowing down and letting go of long held beliefs and I believe that is unique to each of us as individuals and what simplifying would look like to me, might not look the same thing to you. I will give you an example of how I am currently simplifying…

I am in the middle of a business pivot into my next iteration of executive coaching. I am clear why I am doing it; I have a good idea what it is going to look like, and I am methodically working through the steps to make it so. Everything about it is going to be simpler: what I offer, to whom, how and where.

I have this very strong desire for everything about the next iteration of my business to be complete and then it will “launch”, but the reality is that pieces of it –like this newsletter—are going to roll out as they are completed, and that is ok. What is also ok, is that by having a simpler structure set up, I am eliminating the stress and anxiety around what I “should be doing” according to all of the gurus and choosing not to get caught up in the “you should do it this way” mentality and trade that for a simple, streamlined approach to my business this time around. It feels right—for me.

As you are contemplating your next move, I would ask you, what do you want? What will make you content and achieve your goals in the most simple and straightforward way? What about starting from that place and once you have a solid foundation, you can layer in more complexity, but start simply and build from there. As I have shared, that is what I am doing and it feels better than the first time around…

I wish you well as you embark on your next chapter.