Your Next Chapter-When pivoting your career, it’s important to be intentional and methodical!

When you are looking at what you want to do next with your career, the idea of moving into a different role, moving to a new company and a new role with more responsibility, or even starting your own business can be daunting.

Change feels very risky, and many people avoid change for that reason. Keep in mind that the personal and professional development and financial benefits are all great rewards for making such a change. However, it is always a good idea to approach a career pivot intentionally and methodically so that you set yourself up for success in that next career chapter.

What about stepping back and looking at the whole picture of your life and work. In what areas of both are you content? In what areas of both are you happy? With those results in mind, have you looked at what you have been doing and determined what works for you and what would you really like to be different? What do you like about what you are currently doing and what would you like to change? What kind of career advancement and financial reward would really satisfy you? Do you have goals in your life and your career that this pivot would help achieve? What are they?

Asking yourself these questions and more will help you take an intentional and methodical approach to your pivot. It is possible that when you really stop and think about what you are looking for and why, there may be some possibilities out there that you haven’t considered and this intentional, methodical approach could help make those apparent.

Then, when you have completed all this suggested introspection— ask yourself —who in your network can you contact to help you achieve these goals by introducing you to people in their network to advance your career pivot? Don’t forget to leverage your network when you are ready. Coming from an intentional and well thought out place will really help as you are explaining what you want.

Wishing you great success in figuring out what’s next!